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USB.Charlie.The.Retro.Organ.Module.v1.0.(1 DVD)

Other Organ instruments use modeling but we consciously decided on a different approach:

we used sampling in order to capture and reproduce the real organ sound, including the rotating speaker cabinet in action. At this same time, we really believe that nothing can compete with the accuracy and realism achieved by High Quality sampling.
With this in mind, we developed a complete recording technique to add a high level of expression to our samples. Of course, sampling means that there cannot be drawbars on the plug-in, but we feel that the resulting sound justifies this: instead of searching the right Drawbar setting by yourself, why not enjoy a huge selection of classic drawbar settings built by pro players?

1 - What are the drawbars?

Each drawbar represents some of the harmonics of the organ sound and the position of each drawbar sets the level of each harmonic group...
The drawbars are arranged in the standard harmonic overtone series, ie., fundamental, octave, twelfth, fifteenth, seventeenth, nineteenth, and twenty-second harmonic. In addition, a sub-fundamental and sub-fifth (called undertones) were added for more punch.

Only the famous tone-wheel organs build their sound from a combination of pure sine waves, and allows the organist to control the level of each harmonic in real time. Almost all of the other organs use "subtractive" synthesis, where you start with a harmonically rich tone (a square or triangle or other complex waveshape) and remove harmonics with various filters.

2 - Drawbars settings

Please note that the drawbars settings were all but made at random. finding the right settings was a big part of the creative process. We interviewed and gathered as many information as we could from famous organ & keyboard players around the world to make sure we recorded the most creative and musical settings we were given.

3 - Rotating speaker cabinet

The typical tone wheel organ sound is intimately related to the Rotating speaker system...
The unmistakenable sound of a rotating speaker has always been very difficult to replicate, even in recent electronic devices. Although they are huge, very heavy and cumbersome, their rich and complex sound has been used in numerous records for organ sounds and other effects (The Beatles were known to use it on vocals, for instance).

The way this system reproduces sound is unique: two speakers with rotating elements. The bass speaker sits over a large rotating drum that contains a scoop shaped rotating baffle. The treble speaker fires up into a rotating horn. The bass drum and the rotating horn are driven by two different motors, so they spin at different rates. How such a configuration came to a man’s mind is still a mystery today...

Why does the rotating speaker cabinet sounds better when sampled ?

The rotating speaker cabinet applies many differents treatments to the organ sound, you can hear simultaneously :
- tremolo effect (amplitude variation)
- vibrato effect (oscillation of the pitch due to a doppler effect)
- phase shifting
- timbre variation (as the speakers rotate into and out of the wooden cabinet not only does the amplitude and the pitch vary but so does the timbre : a kind of overpowered wah-wah effect)
- reflection (the sound field is moving in three-dimensional space, from side to side, from front to back)
- speed modulation (the speed of the rotating speaker system may be accelerated and de-accelerated to emphasize and color the music)
- coloration (Rotating speaker systems are tube amplified, and those warm sounding tubes sound of course better when hot, sampling a rotating speaker system sound must take this into account as well as the sound of the speaker itself).

There’s a highly complex serie of sonic phenomena that taken together create the unique sound of the rotating speaker system, therefore, sampling seems once again the best option to faithfuly reproduce these effects, modeling attempts prooved too poor and too far from reality for that purpose.

By now you are probably getting a pretty good idea why the sound of this famous rotating speaker system is so hard to reproduce and how hard we had to try before we found the best mikes configuration to get the best of it.

4 - Percussion

The famous tone wheel organ "percussion" effect is produced by keying in a tone which decays over the top of the continuous tones from the drawbars. We have found a way to reproduce this feature in Charlie: the percussion switch fills that purpose.

Источник: http://www.ultimatesoundbank.com/charlie.html
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